Great Ways to Clean Stone Shower Booth

Mar 10th

It is important for you to maintain the stone shower booth in routine as well as you use it in regular time and routine to take a bath. Perhaps the shower bath come dirty or there is mildew that will make your stone shower look bad and un-comfort feel. To get beat cleaning you have to avoid harsh cleaning products to prevent the stone becomes damage. Just use natural stone cleaner and purchase it from the market supply.

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Let’s follow the great ways below, do it carefully and gently to clean the stone shower booth perfect.
1. Mix and dilute the natural stone cleaner to saturate to the shower booth wall.
2. Wipe wall with sponge to clean the dirt. Spray the wall with water to loosen the soap scum on the wall.
3. Mix and dilute the natural stone mildew cleaner with water and saturate them to the wall to clean the fungus on the wall by wiping them with sponge.
4. Spray the wall with the water to loosen the soap scum of the mildew cleaner.
5. To solve the soap scum that do not loosen, use ½ ammonia with a gallon of water to loosen them perfect from the surface wall.

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Those are the great ways to help you maintain your stone shower booth from the dirt and fungus. If you like this post please share it with your friends and it will be a pleasure if you leave a comment on this post.